Nekeas - Cepa por Cepa - Garnacha -Navarra


A few years ago, we discovered that we had a true treasure in the Valley of Nekeas.
The dwarf oak woods in the upper regions of the valley concealed small areas of
Garnacha vines more than 60 years old.
Although the age of the vines was a strong point, this was not the greatest virtue of
the find. The worth of the vines was in the special type of grape that they provided.
The bunches were small and extremely loose, with well sunned, well aired, small
fruit. They were the result of years and years of selection based on the experience
of vine growers who knew nothing of DNA, but did know what kind of grape
matured well in this climate of ours, at times so harsh.
So we decided to do the same as they had done and selected the vines we believed
the best adapted, and reproduced them by grafting them onto other vines.

“Cepa x cepa” means “vine by vine” and that is how we worked.
We are now proud to have rescued an invaluable genetic gem which could
otherwise have been lost for ever.
Varietal content:
100% Garnacha
Alcoholic fermentation at a maximum temperature of 25ºC and maceration for a
total of 15 days, 7 of which are cold soak.
Malolactic fermentation.