Pannonhalmi Apatsagi - Pinot Noir


Wijnmakers informatie:

“Matching the styles of the old and the new worlds!
Regarding pinot noir, we cultivate four Burgundian clones in three vineyards. The manifold soil and microclimatic facilities of the Pannonhalma wine region offer a unique potential to apply traditional technology combined with modern, new world approach.
The wine is characterized by typical aromas of the variety on the nose. It reveals the full scale of red berries of the early summer from the ripe raspberry up to the black cherry. These notes are enriched by the spiciness coming from the aging in wooden barrels. On the palate plenty of ripe fruity aromas guarantee an unforgettable joy of drinking.”

Het boeket is uiterst elegant, gedomineerd door rood en zwart fruit, zoethout en vanille.

Veel expressie in de mond en een stevige maar soepele structuur met fijne tannines. Mooi evenwicht en veel densiteit. De houttoets is subtiel en de tannines zacht.